Project 1: Kinetic Typography Ideation

3 Audios for Kinetic Typography Project

How each might be able to be expressed typographically. Conceptualize. Consider: how does this audio feel? pacing? Go into as much description as you can.

Teen Names — MBMBAM

Key Words: Funny, Sporadic, Fast, Arguing, Dorky

This audio revolves heavily around comedy, specifically a comedic build-up that reaches its peak at the end of the audio. I think this audio would make for an interesting kinetic typography because there are several different announciations, some words have strong emphasis while others don’t, meaning I can utilize those words to create some visual diversity. However this audio does involve 3 separate voices, and while they are mostly distinguishable from each other, it may present more of a challenge to capture each voice separately with my typography

Tart Toter — Adventure Time

Key Words: Funny, Unnerving, Cosmic, Confusing, Bizarre, Beautiful, Inspiring

This audio is interesting because it conveys two very different moods happening simultaneously, creating a comedic effect. On one side, the characters are reacting to this obviously insane, old gingerbread man, while on the gingerbread man’s side, he delivers an intense, poetic speech completely unprompted or unrelated to the situation. I think this audio would work well with the split screen technique we reviewed in the first set of notes, because it could show what is happening in the gingerbread’s little world compared to what everyone else is experiencing. I also think the speech provides a lot of interesting verbs and imagery that I could utilize when deciding how the words will move.

The Lid — Spongebob

Keywords: Funny, Frustration, Anger, Determination

I think this audio would make for an excellent kinetic typography. It displays a conversation between two characters with almost no overlap between dialogue. It utilizes a lot of repetition with words, but with them all said very differently, meaning I can really emphasize the movement of the type to convey what it means. There is a good variety of soft, quiet voices to loud, agitated voices. In addition, there is a lot of excellent action words or adjectives used that I can easily utilize with my type’s movement. I think it would be easy to create some fun visuals and animation with this audio while still keeping it legible and entertaining.


Moodboard and Typeface Experiments

Audio Transcript

Style Frames


Motion Test 1: 2s clip

Motion Test 2: 15s clip

Finished Project 1