Three Concept Ideas

1 America’s Election Day

November 3rd 2020 (6:30–8:00pm)

The day Americans are able to vote in person

Key Words

  • Exciting
  • Patriotic
  • Vibrant
  • Shocking
  • 90s commercial

2 India’s Virtual Bakery Show

October 23rd, (2:30am)

“VBS is a dedicated show that caters to the bakery, confectionery & snack industry in India”
Virtual Bakery Show 2020 will be Premier International Standard Bakery, Chocolates & Desserts exhibition presenting the Largest gathering of Bakery

Key Words

  • Delicious
  • Soft
  • Cute
  • Assembly
  • Sweet

3 Meditec Clinika: A premiere exhibition on surgical tools

October 23rd 2020 (1:30am)

The expo will be an online virtual event held for the Third time, which will cater to the Surgical Equipment’s & Hospital Supplies industry

Key Words

  • Surgery
  • Sterile
  • Process
  • Shocking
  • Intelligent

Mood boards



20 Themes

Charcuterie board, Fruit, Cottage Core, Mushroom, Ant Farm, Fish Bowl, Bath, Cacti, Juno, Cats, Tidepool, Caves, Frogs, Autumn, Tetris, Skeleton, Animal crossing, Minecraft, Ramen, Arctic Animals

Mind Maps: Mushroom, Ant Farm, Charcuterie Board